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Our Mission

The Sports Talk was started by three friends: Nicholas LoPrinzi, Kevin White and Rosario DiLorenzo. We started this site with one purpose in mind. We wanted to give the everyday fan a platform to express themselves. We loved sports and we loved writing about sports, but we could not find a place to write whatever we wanted. We wanted to be able to write whatever whenever and however we wanted to. Then the idea of starting up our own brand came into our heads. If we controlled the site we would be able to do just that.

We weren’t done there. We knew there were more people out there just like us who wanted to write about their favorite team. That is one of the reasons we started up our twitter, @_TheSportsTalk. We wanted to connect with other fans out there and give them the same opportunity we currently have! We started to connect and tell others about the opportunity that we can provide for them over on our blog. We knew we would get some writers, but they came faster than expected. In just about two months we gained over 60 writers! We know we are just touching the surface and that there are many more out there who would love to join us.

We began to realize that it was not just the fan by himself who wanted to get out there, but other fans have already started their own website, podcasts and/or twitter to get their ideas out there. We decided to start talking to some of those people. We want to get everyone’s ideas out there, so we started working with other companies in helping them grow! We are open to posting their podcasts, articles and give Retweets to help them further grow and let others see what they have to say. We have done so with various companies already!

This platform is not just for us. It is for all the fans out there across all sports. We think the #WeAreSports hash tag perfectly describes who we are and who we strive to be. This hash tag does not just describe whoever contributes for us or whoever may be associated with us. However, it stands for ALL OF US. Every single sports fan out there. If it was not for the fans there would be no sports. There would be no Super Bowl, no All-Star Games, no World Series. There would be no baseball, no football, no hockey or no basketball. There would be no point for the high school athlete to work so hard to play receive an athletic scholarship. There would be no point for that same kid to work his ass off in college to fulfill his dreams in becoming a pro athlete. It is not the players or the coaches or the front offices that make each and every sport prosper. Rather, it is the fans. We pay for the tickets, we want to take our child to their first game, we teach our kid how to play the sport they love and we are the ones that speak about everything that happens in the sports world day in and day out.

The next time you see the next big contract inked, the next MVP raise his award or the next champion be crowned; remember, none of that would be possible without YOU! Lets grow together. Lets build this up together. Not for us here at The Sports Talk, but for you the every day fan. If you want to express your ideas or feelings about your favorite team contact us! You do not need any experience at all to contribute for us. This platform is about you all expressing yourselves! We tell our writers to write how they want. Do not focus so much on “the right way to write”. Focus on how you feel and how you want to get your idea out there.

Help us spread our hash tag (#WeAreSports) as well. If you ever have a video, picture or tweet that you want to be featured on our twitter just use the hash tag. We will be Retweeting all tweets that include our hash tag! Like we said it is about the fans that do not have a place to express themselves. So use that hash tag to express yourself and let us get your feelings out to the sports world!

Thank you for being apart of us and stick with us. We have many more ideas to come. We really hope that with your help we can build this up and become an even more powerful platform to get your ideas out there to an even bigger audience. Remember #WeAreSports!


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